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VISU - A Modern OpenGL Framework for PHP

VISU is a collection of components and systems to make interaction with OpenGL in PHP simpler. This framework is built around the extension PHP-GLFW which is requried for VISU to work.

  • Install in 5 minutes

    If you haven't installed PHP-GLFW yet, follow the installation guide for your platform.


  • PHP GameDev Tutorial

    Everything ready to get started? Jump right into the tutorial on writing games with PHP.

    Getting Started

  • PHP OpenGL Tutorial


    Want to first understand the core? Checkout the tutorial on writing OpenGL applications with PHP.

    This is not a VISU tutorial, but it will help you understand the core concepts of OpenGL, which will help you develop better games with VISU.

    Getting Started (PHP-GLFW)

  • Examples & Games


    There is a small collection of examples and games available to get you started.