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Installation & Requirements

Is PHP-GLFW already installed?

If you've already installed PHP-GLFW, the Project Setup Guide is what you're looking for.

To install and use VISU, you'll need a few things:

In this guide, we'll quickly go over each of these requirements. Feel free to skip any of these steps if you already have them installed.


VISU requires PHP 8.1 or a higher version. If you haven't installed PHP yet:

  • Download it from the official PHP website.
  • Alternatively, you can use your favorite package manager (brew, apt, etc.) to get it.

Do keep in mind the version requirement. VISU won't function with older PHP editions. To check your PHP version, execute php -v in your terminal.

Can I use Docker? No

Considering the dynamic world of software development, many prefer containerization using platforms like Docker. However, there's a hiccup: PHP-GLFW can't operate in a Docker container. The culprit? PHP-GLFW's need for an active display server. So, for now, native installations are the way to go.


VISU uses Composer to manage its dependencies. If you don't have Composer installed yet, you can download it from the official Composer website.


VISU is built entirely around PHP-GLFW and requires it to be installed. PHP-GLFW is a PHP extension that provides bindings for GLFW and OpenGL, allowing you to create and manage windows, OpenGL contexts, and handle input events, etc.

PHP-GLFW is supported on Linux, macOS, and Windows. You can find installation instructions for your operating system below:

Installing VISU

As VISU is a framework for PHP its installation is done via Composer. To create a new VISU project follow the next setps:

Project Setup →