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Project Setup

Setting up a new VISU PHP Game Project.

Is PHP-GLFW already installed?

Have you read the installation guide yet? If not, please do so first. VISU requires the following:

Follow the installation guide if you haven't installed the extensions yet!

Creating a new VISU project

Once you have all the requirements installed, you can create a new VISU project using Composer's create-project command:

composer create-project phpgl/visu-starter -s dev --prefer-dist my-php-game

This command will create a new VISU project in the my-php-game directory.

There's a quick wizard that might ask you for a few basics, like your game's name, to create the initial configuration.

After the installation, open the newly created project in your terminal:

cd my-php-game

Running the game

Once all dependencies are installed, you can run the game by executing the play command:


A window should open with a black background and a few flying elephpants in it.

Image title

VISU Starter Project Screen


The controls of the VISU PHP starter game are as follows:

  • W - Move up
  • A - Move left
  • S - Move down
  • D - Move right
  • F1 - Toggle debug text and profiler
  • ctrl+c - Toggles the ingame console
  • ESC - Exit the game